Sean Munday – Best dressed rider of the year

seanAfter narrowly missing out on the Mick Kenneally Rider of the year award, Sean Munday was honoured to receive the (inaugural) Best Dressed Rider of the Year Award for 2013.

Sean was looking his finest today, sporting a full Farnese Vini kit & matching bike.

Thanks to Classic Dry Cleaners, Sean will be able to keep his many different team kits looking their best.

Well done Sean 🙂

Mick Kenneally Cyclist of the Year Award

Here is a summary of the final standings for the WVCC Mick Kenneally Cyclist of the Year Award. The purpose of this aggregate award is to recognise and reward members who regularly support our club races as well as giving extra points to those in the top 6 placings.

Points are allocated as follows: 1st 11 points, 2nd 10, 3rd 9, 4th 8, 5th 7, 6th 6, all other starters receive 5 points. 5 points are also allocated when club members ride in a VVCC Open on the same day that there is a club race.

  1. Justin Vincent (206)
  2. Peter Fitzgerald (182)
  3. Barry Warren (168)
  4. Mark Hyland (156)
  5. Brian McNamara (149)
  6. Clive Coomber (147)
  7. Luke Pontonio (145)
  8. Jennie Noonan (143)
  9. Peter Rauert (136)
  10. Terry Noonan (127)
  11. Barry Webster (127)