Club Membership


The Warrnambool Veterans Cycling Club (WVCC) is affiliated with the Victorian Veterans Cycling Council (VVCC), and the Australian Veterans Cycling Council (AVCC). Membership with the WVCC gives you an AVCC licence, entitling you to compete in any AVCC/VVCC affiliated events in Australia.

The VVCC is the controlling body for Veteran Cycling in Victoria and the AVCC is the umbrella organisation for Veteran Cycling in Australia.


Membership is open to women 30 years and older, and men 35 years and older. Membership lasts from the 1st January each year, to the 31st December. Ages are taken from the 1st of January each year, so if you were to turn 35 in November, then you are deemed to be 35 from the 1st January in that year.

New/Lapsed Membership

If you are joining for the first time, or have let your membership lapse and wish to rejoin, you can join after the 1st October. You get 15 months membership instead of 12 months for the first year. To access this early membership new members must be or will be 30 (Female) or 35 (Male) in the current year.

  • New and lapsed memberships need to be activated by WVCC before membership and insurance is current.

Trial Ride

New riders who have not raced in any AVCC affiliated race before are entitled to two trial races without joining a club. You will be required to complete a form which will provide insurance for that one day. After the trial ride they will need to join a VVCC affiliated club to continue racing.

Membership Fees

Membership fees consist of an AVCC and VVCC component, an insurance component, and WVCC club membership.

The 2019 Membership Fee is $185


It is expected that all members will:

Make themselves aware of, and conversant with, the Rules and Regulations of the  Victorian Veteran Cycling Council, Australian Veteran Cycling Council, and the Warrnambool Veterans Cycling Club, together with the current Road Rules and Regulations set down by the Victorian Police and Vic Roads whilst riding and, or competing. You MUST abide by these rules and regulations at all times whilst being a member and representative of the WVCC.

Assist the club with the running of races by completing Roster Duty as prescribed by the club. The roster is published on this website.